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Is it Possible for an Ordinary Person to Establish a Mining Business?

A question that mining business consultants often encounter is the one as to whether it is possible for an ordinary person to establish a mining business. This question is borne of the commonly-held view that only people who are ‘well-connected’ can establish mining businesses. So, in other words, the question is as to whether it […]

Two Options for Powering a Mining Plant

Mining plants tend to require a lot of electricity power, if they are to operate optimally. Thus, as a person considering setting up some sort of mining enterprise (especially one that involves a bit of processing for the minerals), you have to think about how to access electric power. And in that regard, you have […]

How to Succeed in the Business of Selling Vacuum Cleaners

In order to succeed in the business of selling vacuum cleaners, there are several things you need to do. Firstly, in order to succeed in the business of selling vacuum cleaners, you need to ensure that you get your marketing right. You need to ensure that the business has the exposure it needs, to thrive. […]

Keys to Success in Running a Company Within the Mining Industry

Running a company within the mining industry is not easy. The mining industry is a very dynamic one. It is an industry where you can easily burn your fingers, if you are not careful. It is, for instance, an industry where your revenues can easily end up being much lower than your monetary inputs: leading […]